Sevalaya’s BGV classes in the other schools

BGV (Bharathi, Gandhi, Vivekanandha) syllabus as the part of the curriculam for Sevalaya’s students. This is with a view to bring up our children and educate them not only the academic but also on our partriatic leaders and their lives. Sevalaya’s teachers, led by Mr. Vijayaragavan, Social Teacher, took as special initiative of visiting other schools on their own to take special classes on BGV. This suo motu initiative was taken to give value added education to the students of other schools. On 14th September 2015, Mr. Vijayaragavan & Kumarasen, Teachers, Sevalaya took BGV classes to the other school students of Amutha Matric school Thiruninravur. Teachers of the schools expressed the happiness of the satisfaction for the special initiative of Sevalaya teachers.

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