Sevalaya’s active participation in “BE A FARM DOST’’ programme

M/s. Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd, a member company of a leading group, engaged in manufacture of farm equipments for several decades, has taken an initiative of organizing a farmer friendly programme, viz. “BE A FARM DOST’’ .They had invited 35000 students from 63 schools across Tamilnadu, drawn from Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai.

Sevalaya, in its constant initiative in the area of Organic farming, enthusiastically participated in TAFE’s programme. Over 800 students participated in the contest. The modus operandi was that the organization gave one kit for each of the participant containing compost and seed. The instruction was to post the growth status on 7th day.

The contestants used one soil bed each for their experiments to sow seed, and to grow. Spinach, ladies finger and cluster beans were cultivated.

Sevalaya’s students bagged 6 awards in the contest:

1) “Thank you farmers” first runner up award

2) “Be a farm dost” social award

3) “Best farm dost school” 1st runner up award

4) “Thank you farmers” 2nd runner up award for Surya VIII D

5) “Thank you farmers” 2nd runner up award for Kaviya IXD.

6)  “Most enthusiastic farm dost teacher” award for Aadhimuthu.

Ms Mallika Srinivasan, Chair Person TAFE, gave the awards to the winners.

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