Sevalaya school 2022-23 board exam toppers

12th Toppers

Nithyasri V: A Dreamer with a Passion for Accounts Nithyasri V, hailing from Pakkam, has emerged as the school topper with a phenomenal score of 581/600. Having been a part of Sevalaya since Std IV, Nithyasri’s journey is a testament to her determination and hard work. Her parents, who are vegetable vendors, instilled in her the aspiration to become a Chartered Accountant from a young age. With centum scores in accounts and commerce, Nithyasri is not only an exceptional academic achiever but also a helpful all-rounder who supports her fellow students. Her talents extend beyond academics, as she excels in dancing and drawing, with numerous prizes to her name.

Yuvasree K: Overcoming Adversities with Tenacity Securing the second position with an impressive score of 575/600 is Yuvasree K from Karalapakkam. Yuvasree faced the unfortunate loss of her father at a tender age of 3, leaving her mother to support her and her siblings through tailoring. However, she persevered and is now on her path to becoming a Chartered Accountant. Yuvasree’s talents extend to dancing and oratory, where she has earned recognition through various prizes. She credits her success to the unwavering support she received from Sevalaya and acknowledges the invaluable role played by her teachers.

Logeswari N: Rising Above Challenges with Determination Logeswari N, securing the third rank with an impressive score of 568/600, has showcased her resilience in the face of adversity. Similar to Yuvasree, Logeswari lost her father at a young age, and her mother supports the family by doing housekeeping work. Hailing from Kasuva, she shares the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Alongside her academic achievements, Logeswari excels in dance and has garnered numerous accolades. Expressing gratitude to the teachers and a dedicated volunteer from the USA, Logeswari attributes her success to their unwavering support and guidance.

11th Toppers

At the pinnacle of this achievement is S Kaviya, who secured a phenomenal score of 519 out of 600. Hailing from Nathamedu, Kaviya aspires to become an engineer. Her family’s financial struggles have not deterred her spirit, as her father, a JCP Operator, has a seasonal job. Undeterred by the challenges, Kaviya is a quiet and respectful girl, always ready to assist her classmates. Her academics proves her willingness to help others which made her an exceptional role model. Kaviya finds solace in reading storybooks and loves playing football and throwball, embracing her passion for sports. She credits her success to the unwavering support and motivation she received from the teachers at Sevalaya.

Following closely is T Thembhavani, securing an impressive score of 514 out of 600. Originally from Agaramkandigai, Thembhavani resides with her maternal grandmother at Kaliyanur Kandigai for the proximity to Sevalaya, the school that played a pivotal role in her education. Despite facing personal challenges due to familial discord, Thembhavani persevered with the support of her teachers. Starting her educational journey at Balwadi, she has consistently shown determination and compassion, assisting her peers in their studies. Thembhavani’s dream is to become a Gynaecologist, driven by her passion for serving others in the medical field.

Securing the third position is Saran S from Thiruninravur, with an impressive score of 506 out of 600. Joining Sevalaya in Std XI, Saran is the only son in his family, with his father working as a driver and his mother as a homemaker. Known for his academic prowess, Saran extends his knowledge to help his friends in their studies. With dreams that align with his parents’ aspirations, Saran aims to become a Doctor. Sevalaya has not only provided him with academic opportunities but also allowed him to explore his sporting interests, with volleyball being his favorite.

10th Toppers

M Pavithra – 467/500: Pavithra, a remarkable 10th-grade student and daughter of a hardworking tailor, stands as an inspiration at Sevalaya. Not only has she excelled academically, but she has also demonstrated her talents in writing, sketching, and crafting. Despite facing health challenges, including a throat surgery during her 10th grade, Pavithra’s determination remained unyielding. She attended school regularly, displaying true dedication to her education. Her dream of becoming a collector fuels her passion to educate other underprivileged children, ensuring that they too have access to quality education and a brighter future.

S Sri Priyanka – 461/500: Sri Priyanka hails from the village of Pakkam in Thiruvallur district and has been a part of Sevalaya since her kindergarten days. Her father, a humble panipuri vendor, and her elder sister, an alumna of Sevalaya, have been her pillars of support. Sri Priyanka is a talented young girl with a deep passion for drawing and public speaking. Despite facing numerous challenges and feeling lonely at times, she persevered. Recognizing her need for attention, her teachers bridged the gap with her parents, who wholeheartedly began supporting their daughter. Sri Priyanka’s dedication to her studies and personal growth led her to take on responsibilities beyond her years. Her dream of becoming a computer engineer is backed by her unwavering determination to succeed and her willingness to motivate and help others on their own journey.

E Divyadarshini – 448/500: Divyadharsini, a resident of Kavanoor, has been a student at Sevalaya since her kindergarten days. Her mother works as a maid, while her father earns a daily wage. With an elder sister who recently completed twelfth grade at Sevalaya, Divyadarshini is fueled by a deep passion for reading and can often be found immersed in books. Her love for learning extends beyond the pages, as she enjoys watching educational programs and exploring new recipes. Mathematics and science hold a special place in her heart, and she finds joy in science demonstrations. Divyadharsini’s humility and helpful nature have made her beloved among her peers, while her love and admiration for her mother drive her ambitions. She aspires to become a computer engineer, not only for personal success but also to provide her mother with a happy and comfortable lif