Sevalaya is Participating in Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving)

Sevalaya is participating in Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving) Celebrations, on Oct 2nd to 8th, 2015.

The following programmes are planned for the week



Sevalaya will partner with few corporates and put up a WishTree in their premises.

Organizations can support the wishes of Children which would be put up in a tree (a tree model). Wish cards containing the details of each child of Sevalaya like the name, class and section of the child and the wish of the child like sweets, crackers, school bag, a pair of shoes etc will be placed on the wish tree. Employees of the corporate can choose to satisfy the wish of any child by picking up a card and fulfilling the wish mentioned in it. A small contribution from employees can thus help fulfill a child’s wish.

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Sevalaya in partnership with Paperman is conducting a Newspaper DAAN campaign for this Daan Utsav. Register your organization for the drive, collect Newspapers during the Daan Utsav period and make a difference in a Childs life, as Paperman would donate the amount to Sevalaya for educating underprivileged children!


giif compassion  (1)

To promote understanding of the diversity in society among the children from urban elite schools and rural schools for underprivileged  Sevalaya has planned the Gift Compassion Programme is partnering with a 10 urban schools. 500 students from those schools will visit Sevalaya and interact with the children and present some small individual gifts. Similarly, students from Sevalaya will also reciprocate the gesture by visiting those schools and  presenting gifts to those children. An opportunity for the children to experience the joy of giving!

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As part of Daan Utsav celebration, Sevalaya through the “Seva Rath” program will visit about 7 rural villages in Thiruvallur Dist, where the villagers will be encouraged to participate and carry on activities (Seva) in their villages and to spread awareness on varied aspects of living like health, hygiene, environmental and behavioral aspects of life.


Date Villages Activities planned
2.10.15 Puliyur Village cleaning and tree planting
3.10.15 Ayyathur Village and temple cleaning and tree planting
4.10.15 Arunthathipalayam Temple cleaning and rally about social work and clean environment
5.10.15 Ayalur Temple cleaning  and wall painting
6.10.15 Coyambakkam Villagers Organizing eye camp in association with Lions club of Thiruvallur
7.10.15 Sivanvoyal Rally about environmental protection and cleaning
8.10.15 Melakkondaiyar Rally about organic farming and temple gardening

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The Madras Youth Choir group which supports the cause of Community Singing, celebrates Joy of Giving by performing for Sevalaya’s students!

The members of the group would spend an afternoon with children of Sevalaya School and would perform for the students and spread happiness through their music!!


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