Nissan’s CSR Contribution to Sevalaya


To mark World Food Day and Nissan’s Zero Hunger initiative Mr. Colin Mc.Donald, Managing Director, Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd., with his team of senior officers, and 70 Staff volunteers visited Sevalaya Campus, Kasuva, Tiruvallore District to participate in a grand function held on 16th Oct 2015 at 11.00 AM.

In response to our appeal and impressed on the service activities of Sevalaya, M/s. Nissan India gave a cheque for Rs.4.15 Lakhs to cover Provision items and a day’s full kitchen expenses in the campus. Added to this great gesture, the staff members also contributed in kind – Dhall 200 KG, Rice 500 KG, Biscuit Packets 4800 No’s and Sugar.

Mr. Colin McDonald, spoke at length, various matters that concern the world particularly relating to Hunger and Food. During his speech he mentioned that he was greatly impressed on the services of Sevalaya and proud to be participating in the function. To the delight of all, he said that he will bring his wife to see the noble services carried on in Sevalaya, during the exclusive Joy of Giving Week to be held by Dec.2015. Further he advised all his staff members also to bring their family members to the campus.

The highlight of his speech was that he said he has travelled many parts of the globe, got opportunity to see rich and poor as well. The plight of hunger prevails among poor, particularly children, the problem which needs to be addressed, he said with concern.

Mr. Mc.Donald motivated Sevalaya’s children, asked them to study well, improve and come up in their lives and even promised to consider placements for deserving, in his Units. He asked the students to visit Factory also.

Mr. Mc.Donald praised India’s rich culture and expressed his extreme happiness to be in India. This had attracted loud applause from the audience. Earlier, Mr. V.Muralidharan, Founder and Managing Trustee, Sevalaya, welcomed all. In the end, Mr. Amarchand Jain, Advisor, Sevalaya, proposed vote of thanks followed by National Anthem was sung in chorus.

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