Master Educator R S Nalla Perumal Provides Training on Concepts in All Subjects

An enjoyable learning experience 9 staff members of Sevalaya’s MKBHSS along with 3 high school students,Volunteer Punitha R and trustee N Annapurna attended a day long session with  Mr R.S. Nalla Perumal on 11th May 2023. Power packed, emotionally charged, interesting and lively , interspersed with insightful anecdotes it was an eye opener session where many fundamental concepts were explained with small,simple, painstakingly made aids and models. It was a totally new experience for the 3 children and at first they were a little hesitant but soon started answering the questions. Many doubts were cleared and the day passed by quickly and soon it was time to leave. More sessions will be planned department wise and this will surely help teachers to drill down the basic concepts to the students. #enjoyablelearning #mastereducator #InsightfulAnecdotes #EyeOpenerSession #FundamentalConcepts #SmallAndSimpleAids #NewExperience #DoubtsCleared #DepartmentWiseSessions #BasicDrilling #Sevalaya #MKBHSS #MakingADifference #training #trainingday @bhuvanamurali1965