Lofty goals, down to earth service – Alumni R Janakiraman

R Janakiraman studied in Sevalaya school for a short time, but was enamoured by the philanthropy of the organization. To this day, he says that the encouragement he received from Sevalaya has shaped his life for the better. This has spurred him on to start a free tuition centre in his village for the school students. The centre is located in Keelkondaiyur Balwadi and has been functioning six days a week for the past three months.

He teaches all the five major subjects for three days a week and has roped in another teacher for the other three days. About 30 students come each day to the centre in the evening to finish their homework and revise their lessons.

During his days at Sevalaya, Janakiraman was an exuberant student and has represented the school in debates. He was a fearless speaker and had won a few prizes. He graduated out of school in 2013-2014. He went on to finish his graduation in BA History in May 2017 and is now pursuing his PG in Indian History.

One of the highlights of his life was his meeting with Late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He expressed his desire to join the civil services to Dr Kalam. Former President blessed him that his dreams will come true. He is preparing to write his civil services exam next year.

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