International Yoga Day Celebrations at Sevalaya

Yoga the immortal cultural outcome of the Indus valley civilization dating back to 2700 BC brings about an upliftment in both the material and spiritual aspects of life said P.D. Narayanaswamy the guest at the International Yoga day celebrations on June 21st at Sevalaya’s Kasuva campus . He shared his views about his own Yoga teacher training conducted by Sivananda Ashram which had infused him with an energy and zest for life.
The children were told about the significance of the summer solstice which falls on June 21st, the starting of the dakshinayana period popularly known as the Sadhana pada when one should strive to make these practices a part and parcel of our life. The Regular practice of yoga would strengthen the immune system , keep our body & mind healthy and pave the way for a balanced, peaceful life.
The Prime Minister’s efforts at the UN General assembly which had culminated in 177 nations of the world in coming together to celebrate this day were also recollected. The guest then guided the assembled 165 children to practice the asanas, pranayams as suggested in the common Yoga protocol provided by the Government of India .
C. Nithya and a team from Isha Foundation, Avadi had conducted several programmes for children in the past one week to create an awareness about the importance of Yoga. Yoga is practiced regularly by students at Sevalaya ‘s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School.
Earlier the guest was welcomed by A. Sankarapandian, Physical Director of Sevalaya’s School and Sarath Chandra Divella, Advisory member of Sevalaya spoke to the children about the importance of practicing Yoga.
In the end V. Nithyanandan, PT Master proposed the vote of thanks.


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