Indian heritage in focus at Sevalaya Expo 2014

At Sevalaya, Annual Exhibitions are gala affairs with all the staff and students enthusiastically working to make them better each year, and in an eco-friendly way. Models and other exhibits are made with natural things as far as possible, like clay, stones and plants, with minimal use of thermacol and other non-degradable materials.

Spread over 26 class rooms, this year’s Expo focused on ‘Ancient India’s Heritage and Culture’. The Social Department put up displays of the earliest civilizations including Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic age, Gupta and Mauryan age. The lifestyles and governance during those periods and architectural achievements were highlighted. The Science Department explored discoveries of the ancient Mathematicians, Scientists like Aryabhatta and Bhaskara and how they could calculate the circumference of the earth, distance of the earth from other celestial bodies and the speed of light. The exhibits dealt with their grasp of Gravitational force, relative motion, decimal system and calculus as also the discovery of zero. Agricultural department focused on land types, modes of agriculture, fertilizers used and crops cultivated in the earlier age. The Literature department focused on the greatness of Sanskrit Language, the glory of Tamil and the various great works in these two languages. Yoga, lifestyles, food, clothing, fine arts and games of the earlier ages were also covered exhaustively.

Held on 15th August 2014, it was open to all the schools in Tiruvallur district. Amutha Matriculation School and St. Claret from Thiruninravur, Sriniketan from Thiruvallur displayed their exhibits and children from 4 others schools visited the exhibition.

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