Inauguration of Pediatric speciality Medical Camp association with ACS Medial College and Hospital

Fortnightly Pediatric Speciality services at Kasuva Medical centre
Sevalaya in association with ACS Medical College and Hospital (ACS MCH) will be offering fortnightly paediatric speciality medical services at its medical centre at Kasuva village, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.
The inaugural function of this programme was held on 24th November 2021. Dr Arasar Seeralan, MD, HOD of Paediatrics Department, Dr Aravind, MD, Assistant Professor and Govindarajan Community Coordinator from ACS Medical College and Hospital were the special Guestsnfor the event.
Dr Arasar Seeralan, in his address, mentioned that a team of doctors and nurses from the Paediatric Department of ACS MCH will be visiting Sevalaya’s medical centre fortnightly to offer their services. They will also offer mental health support. ” Children requiring further treatment will be referred to ACS Hospital, where they will be offered free treatment.” he assured.
This programme will benefit the children of Sevalaya and the children from the neighbouring 40 villages.

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