Iftar party hosted at Sevalaya

Iftar Party was hosted at Sevalaya during the holy month of Ramzan on 5th July 2016 at 6 pm. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest Mr. Kunangudi Hanifa, Vice – President of Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam said that The Holy Quran stresses on the importance of a disciplined life for welfare and progress of mankind is common to all the humans irrespective of their religions.

“Islam is not a religion; it is a way of life” averred Mr. Mansoor Alikhan, Founder & Chairman of Makkal Auto. He advised the students to make best use of the opportunities offered at Sevalaya and be successful in life.

All religious festivals are celebrated at Sevalaya to help children understand and imbibe the good ideas, practices advocated by various religions, develop a healthy respect for all religions, which will create a harmonious society.

Mr. Mohammad Samsudhin and Mr. Mohammad Kamaludin from Melapedu, Mr. Imam Jainalaptheen, Mr. Mohammad Ali, Mr. Mohammad Abuback, Mr. Aniz Ahmed, Mr. Ahmed Hussai, Mr. Ambrish Hussain from Thiruninravur, Mr. Aadhambasha, Mr. Farook from Vellore also participated in this program.

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