Iftar hosted at Sevalaya during Ramadan

In keeping with Sevalaya’s tradition of ‘Equality of religions’, Iftar was celebrated on 15th June 2017, at the campus. Sevalaya firmly believes that good thoughts and action should be assimilated from everywhere.

Speaking at the function, Chief Guest Kunangudi Hanifa, Founder of Tamil Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, mentioned that for mankind to be prosperous and society to become more conscious, individual integrity is indispensable.

Dato Ramesh, Proprietor, Lite hotel, Pilita Restaurant, Malaysia, asked the students to utilize the opportunities provided by Sevalaya and bring success to themselves and their community.

Nawaz Gani, Proprietor, ST Couriers, said that not eating and remaining thirsty during Ramadhan is not enough. Purity of thoughts and action also need to go hand in hand with the fasting practices.

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