‘Healer’ Baskar conducts training on “Body, Heal thyself” at Sevalaya

‘Healer’ Baskar, disseminated this powerful technique at Sevalaya campus on 3rd September 2016. It was well attended by the staff of Sevalaya from all branches. Baskar started of with his story of ill health which plagued him most of his life and how he decided to stay away from Allopathic medicines and found sanctuary in self-healing. The session was interspersed with humorous anecdotes which had the entire auditorium in splits. The main takeaways for good health was when and how to eat food (eat when hungry, chew food thoroughly), drink water when thirsty – preferably from earthen pots, copper utensils, breathing – keep windows open and avoid mosquito coils (if the smoke can kill mosquitoes, it can cause damage to humans too!!), sleep well – take rest in between, if needed, work and exercise and last but not the least, positive thoughts – (‘I will succeed’ instead of ‘I should not fail’). He also briefly touched upon the mind and intellect, relationships and education.

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