Gandhi Online – a digitisation initiative of Sevalaya and L&T Infotech

Sevalaya & L&T Infotech have teamed up again, this time to bring the words of Gandhi online. This unique initiative will scan and digitise the works of and about Mahatma Gandhi in various languages and uploaded online. Readers who want the books will be able to order it online and it will be delivered in pdf format.

The project, aptly titled ‘Gandhi Online’, will sponsor the digitization efforts of all the books in the Gandhi Study Centre and upload it to their website. This initiative to digitalise 1 lakh pages of his works and biographies is intended to benefit people across the globe, – students, youth, scholars, researchers, activists in public life and many more.

Mr. S. Pandian, Chairman, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya Samithi, declaring the proceedings open said he was very happy to see the continued support of L&T Infotech in supporting Gandhi Study centre and lauded the effort to digitise the works of Mahatma Gandhi. He said as we continue to embrace technology, the younger generation will get a chance to read about Gandhiji and his principles. Sevalaya Murali, Founder and Managing trustee, Sevalaya, gave an overview of the damage suffered by Gandhi study centre and how within five months the entire place is transformed, and thanked L&T Infotech profusely for their prompt action in rebuilding the centre and recreating the library book by book. He also thanked L&T Infotech for all buying all the IT peripherals.

Biji Wilson, Head, Human resources, said she was very happy to partner with Sevalaya and Gandhi Study Centre in the digitisation initiative to propagate the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. She mentioned that L&T Infotech would like to engage its employees in this digitisation project,  and work with NGOs on similar type of projects in the long term.

Ms. Radha Srinivasan, VP-Donor relations, proposed the vote of thanks.

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