Food for Covid affected Pregnant women

Sevalaya steps in to provide necessary support to covid affected pregnant ladies at Zaminendathur Government hospital.

Great care is taken in all households to provide the best nutrition to pregnant women in the the house to ensure that the mother and the growing baby are in good health. 

But we are now going through difficult times and many bread earners, especially from the lower rungs of society, are without jobs, finding it difficult to sustain their families. Problems get compounded when pregnant women in these families get affected by COVID. They then need to be given special care in all aspects.

Sensing this requirement, Sevalaya with the support of philanthropic individuals has stepped in to provide 3 meals a day for 15 days to 15 covid affected pregnant women at Zamin Endathur Government Hospital.

The tasty, nutritious food also has necessary ingredients to improve the immunity of the pregnant mothers.

Food packets will be provided for the next 15 days. EK S Sasikumar, B.A., Ex Panchayat President, Zamin Endathur and Dr Priya MBBS., Zamin Endathur Government Hospital, distributed the food packets to 15 covid affected pregnant women on June 16, 2021.

S Radhika, Centre Head, Zamin Endathur, Sevalaya, S Babu, Project Coordinator, Zamin Endathur, Sevalaya were present at occasion.

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