Students from Florida University, USA. numbering 22, headed by its HOD, Dr.Prof. Kumaran, visited Sevalaya Campus as a part of their NGO Management course. They watched Sevalaya’s videos and took a look around the campus. Then all the students and Professor went round the campus and conducted an in-depth study of Sevalaya. Followed by this, they attended a special Session, taken by the Professor, with  a Power Point Presentation, to all the 22 Students, Trustees-Advisors present, staff members of Sevalaya,attended the session. He dealt at length on the essentials of NGOs with reference to the global organisations. While drawing comparisons on various matters, he averred that Sevalaya follows an International standard in the matter of services, approach, deliveries, impact and other important aspects, essentially to be followed. He categorically lauded saying that Sevalaya, is comfortably on par with top NGOs  He  declared that Sevalaya’s contributions,  are the investments for the future generations of the country.

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