Excellent Staff Training for Sevalaya’s Staff

On 8th August 2015, As part of “Excellent Staff” SPL, Effective Communication Training was taken by Mr.Shankar, Trustee, Sevalaya. 25 staff from Bharathi, Gandhi and Vivekananda Unit attended the training program.

  • In Communication, Pronunciation, Language, Body language, Listening and Clarity in ideas are more important
  • Communication is divided as Verbal and non verbal
  • Verbal communication is Intentional and conscious
  • Non verbal communication is unintentional and unconscious
  • Non verbal communication needs to be given more importance than verbal communication
  • If more importance is given for non-verbal communication it will help to get an effective feedback
  • Problems is communication include – work will not be completed properly, the whole plan will get collapsed, more mistakes will arise
  • If the ideas given by the sender is not properly listened the receiver will not have a clarity in the ideas
  • Language is more important in communication
  • The sender needs to concentrate on the need of communication, Language and not rushing while communicating
  • The receiver should not superimpose the new information on the old one
  • Correction and prevention is more important which will only pave way for effective communication
  • The idea that has to be communicated should properly reach the receiver then only it is the success of the sender

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