Education through Technology

Linked through technology the children listening to the story telling session of S.Dahad from United Kingdom.

  • Gone are the days when a teacher with a chalk in hand would explain concepts by writing/drawing on the blackboard to a group of students in front of him/ her. The children too would be listening wide –eyed wondering how so much information was stored in their teacher’s head.
  • Today all the information one needs is virtually a click away and many a time students come to class with a lot of information about the day’s lesson. So teaching methodologies have undergone changes and different techniques are adopted to capture the attention of the young ones
  • One such method now in use at Sevalaya is the Video Conference classes which serve more than one purpose. To start with it brings in expertise from all corners of the world to a classroom in a remote hamlet. It provides a platform for dedicated, committed people to pitch in and contribute their mite in a noteworthy , noble task.
  • It completely captures the full attention of the group of rural youngsters who are happy to learn from an uncle/aunt who is in some other part of the world/country –a place they have seen only in their geography maps
  • Every Tuesday Shanthi Krishna of Bangalore tells a story in Tamil to the children of Std III . The children are more enthusiastic when the day comes and eagerly wait for the session to start. R. Devadarshini says, “ I really feel happy when that aunty tells us a story. I don’t take leave on Tuesdays, since I don’t want to miss the class”
  • The good Samaritans don’t just tell a story , they patiently answer the queries put forward by the listeners whether they are relevant or not. One such story teller from UK went around with the laptop showing the children a typical English house.
  • The children of Std IV and V get an opportunity to participate in a story telling session in English every Wednesday
  • S. Dahad from United Kingdom tells a story in English to the children and the sessions are very interactive. Children of class IX and  XI learn English in a similar manner . G. Padmanabhan teaches English every Monday and gives assignments to the students. The children feel more interested in writing such assignments since they improve their language
  • Professors in Physics,Maths,Chemistry , well wishers of Sevalaya have expressed their willingness to contribute by taking such classes and Kasuva students will be taught by such eminent educationists from the different parts of the world making this hamlet literally a Global Village.


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