Dr.G. Nammazhvar Passes Away…

Dear all,


We have lost one of our great supporters. Dr. G. Namazhvar, a very well known guru on organic farming and he had special love and affection for Sevalaya and its services. Yesterday morning I was trying to reach him over phone to get his confirmation for the silver jubilee function and I was told that he is addressing a meeting and I should call in the night. But unfortunately, at 8:20 PM yesterday 30th January 2013, he passed away. Till the last day of his life he has been travelling to all villages and talking to farmers about the importance of organic farming. He has come to Sevalaya many times, addressed our farmers and also our higher secondary students who have taken agriculture as major. He was very happy about Sevalaya offering agriculture as an option in 11th and 12th std and he has mentioned about this to many people.

He lived a very simple sanyasi like life and took only natural food. May be that is the reason why he was very active till the last day.

We pray that his family gets the strength to bear this loss. We will have a two minute silent prayer on our silver jubilee day, as a mark of respect for the departed soul.

Thanks & Regards
Sevalaya Murali
Founder & Managing Trustee

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