The 7 feet Chellamma Bharathi Statue Rath Yatra started from Kasuva to Kadayam

Mahakavi Bharathiyar is one of the inspirers of Sevalaya.  Statues have been installed and memorials have been established for the great poet in Ettayapuram, Pondicherry, Chennai, all places associated with his life. Even in Varanasi, where he spent a few years as a student, a statue of the poet has been installed in his memory. It is very unfortunate that there are no traces of Bharathi in Kadayam, the birthplace of his wife Chellamma.  Bharathi married Chellamma at Kadayam village on 27th June 1897. Later, in 1919, when Bharathi was released from Cuddalore jail, he lived in Kadayam for 2 years.

Sevalaya has initiated a project to perpetuate the memory of Mahakavi at Kadayam.  As a first step Sevalaya will be installing a life-size statue of Chellamma and Bharathi on the occasion of the 125th wedding anniversary of the poet on 27th June 2022, at Kadayam.

A 7ft tall statue of Bharathi with his hands over the shoulder of Chellamma is ready and has been waiting to go to Kadayam for the past 4 years.

The journey of Bharathi Chellamma towards Kadayam began on April 17th 2022.

The Bharathi Chellamma statue was flagged off from the residence of the sculptor Surendranath after a small function, on 17th April 2022. The statue was placed on a decorated Rath which then proceeded to Sevalaya’s Kasuva centre. The Rath Yatra will proceed from Sevalaya’s  Kasuva centre in Thiruvallur District  , going across different districts of  State,  reaching Kadayam on 1st June 2022.

Uma Bharathi, descendant of Mahakavi Bharathi, Popular artiste J Jeyaraj, wood sculptor Appar Lakshmanan were the Chief Guests for the function.

On the occasion of this historic event, various competitions like oratorical, dance and Bharathi poem recitation were held for the students. The winners of the competition presented their prize-winning performance at the function at Kasuva centre.

Speaking on the occasion, Uma Bharathi said It was due to the divine grace of Bharathi and Parashakthi Sevalaya Murali could conceive such a huge project and execute it with confidence and determination. She assured her support and also said that she will mobilise support for this project among her friends and relatives.

Artiste Jeyaraj offered his felicitations to Sevalaya Murali and the sculptor Surendar.

Wood sculptor Appar Lakshmanan asserted that it is absolutely essential for any artiste to internalise the concept which will reflect in his/ her creation. “Unless Surendar has internalised Bharathi, he could not have sculpted this life like statue with just a photograph of the illustrious couple” he appreciated.

Artist Mari Anand recollected his long association with Sevalaya Murali and thanked him for this great opportunity  to his son Surendranath to create the statue of Bharathi with Chellamma, the only statue as a couple in the whole world.

Earlier Sevalaya Murali welcomed the gathering and briefed about how the Project was conceived and developed. S Kanchana, Head of Value Education Department and coordinator of the Project Proposed Vote of Thanks.

The staff of Sevalaya who created the beautiful Rath was appreciated on the occasion. And amidst the Prayers and wishes of all present, the Rath commenced its historic journey.