Charlotte Palmer: Teacher by instinct

18 – year old Charlotte Palmer, fondly called ‘Charlie’, is in Sevalaya since 1st September 2014, for a one year ‘Volunteering’ program. A calm and composed young lady, she hails from Cambridge, England.

Having just completed her schooling 6th form, she is all set to pursue her B.A., degree course in English literature and History at Nottingham University from September 2015. She decided to utilize this break period of one year to do service in Sevalaya as a volunteer.

Charlie has always dreamt of travelling to different countries, although this has been her first outing away from England and the first time away from her parents for such a long time. The Charity Project Trust organized her volunteering activity.

Out of the three options she had, namely India, Guyana and Peru, she chose India. Knowing about the services of Sevalaya for disadvantaged children through website, she chose to join Sevalaya. On reaching Sevalaya she felt homesick initially. But after staying here for a few days with the children, she was so much captivated to the Sevalaya’ life, she now says, “I love Sevalaya”.

She enjoys working with Kindergarten to class IV children in school, conducting functional English classes and additional coaching for children of class VIII to IX. She enjoys interacting with children in the hostel premises, helping small girls with their morning routines and giving her support in the kitchen which is vastly different from hers back home.

Already a goodwill ambassador of Sevalaya, Charlie proposes to contact Charitable Trusts in England on her return, to mobilize funds for Sevalaya..

She also plans to approach schools in England, to explore students exchange programme with Sevalaya. Charlie eventually plans to do her master degree and Ph.D., in the English and History, to take up a career in Teaching.

Why teaching, when there are so many lucrative vocations?

Charlie asserts in her composed yet convincing manner her deep rooted desire to teach. Her enduring inspiration in her life’s choice has been her parents : Dad Ian Palmer, who is an Educationist and Mom Louise Fletcher, who is a teacher.

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