Awareness on Helmet usage skit by Sevalaya Kids

Have a safe ride was the central theme of the short skit presented by Sevalaya students at the street corners in Thiruninravur, Thamaraipakkam and Pakkam, to create awareness among the public. High Court of Madras has ordered that use of helmets by the riders and the pillion riders of two wheelers compulsory from 1st of July 2015, Sevalaya took up this initiative to create awareness among the riders about the importance of wearing helmets while riding.

Mr. Gladson Jose, Inspector of Police and Mr. Velraj, Sub Inspector of Police, Thiruninravur honored the students by their presence at the Thiruninravur main road, where the students staged the skit.

At the Thamaraipakkam junction, the children were honored by the presence of Mr. Udayakumar, Sub Inspector of Police, Vengal .

Road accidents have become a major cause of loss of many lives in recent years. High Court’s directive making the wearing of helmets compulsory is a welcome move to prevent the loss of many valuable human lives. This program to create an awareness and reinforce the importance of the use of helmets among the riders, just a day ahead of the new law taking effect . The students distributed pamphlets regarding helmet usage.

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