Annual Sports: all 2,000 students take part

Standard Chartered-GBS have been conducting an ‘annual sports month’ for the past five years. Teams of volunteers come to the campus and conduct sports (athletics – track and field), games (football, handball, volleyball, basketball) as well as games for the primary school children (water balloons, sack race, lemon and spoon race among others). This year it was spread over four weeks during June and July and culminated on 15th July 2017. The entire school was divided into three groups -Bharathi, Gandhi and Vivekananda Each student participated in a minimum of two sports events. Thus the entire 2000 and odd students of the school and 120 community college students got a chance to participate in several games . About 800 students received prizes in the presence of Sangeetha (Business Planning Manager), S Rajesh Sugumaran (Associate Manager, FESU), B Jaiganesh (Associate Manager) and T James Albert (Team leader) of Standard Chartered GBS. Bharathi group won the overall championship.

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