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Tamil Nadu Flood Relief 2015

Sevalaya has partnered with various organizations and corporate offices to provide immediate relief for those affected by the Tamil Nadu floods of 2015. The relief has been provided to those in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, and Cuddalore. However, the situation remains very bleak.

As per the district collector’s report, there are about 86000 internally displaced people within the Thiruvallur district alone. Another cyclone has formed over Cuddalore, causing torrential rains. Consequently, Cuddalore remains flooded, with the rains expected to relent only after two full days.

In order to provide further relief to the affected people, Sevalaya requests your support. Please consider donating to the cause using the links found below.

Thanks to John and friends from USA, Sevalaya distributed relief materials to flood affected people in Pallipet village, Thiruvallur district. About 15 families were benefitted from their contribution.

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Thanks to Vikram and friends (Mysore Medical college – 1996 batch), from UK, we distributed relief materials to villagers in Cuddalore district who were badly affected in the floods. About 20 families benefited from their contribution.

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On 19th Jan 2016, Cognizant Foundation and Sevalaya distributed flood relief materials of 25kg rice bag, blanket, saree, shirt, lungi in Sripathi nagar, Pakkam, Othikadu and Vishnuvakkam villages in Thiruvallur district. 76 families benefited.

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On 19th Jan 2016, Sevalaya distributed flood relief materials 25kg Rice bag, Mat, Blanket, Saree, Lungi, Shirt at Puliyur kandigai village.

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On 18th Jan 2016, Sevalaya and DTCC distributed flood relief materials at Velliyur village. 50 families benefited.

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On  14 Jan 2016, Asian paints and Sevalaya distributed flood relief materials at Gondu permedu , Athiyur, Mettu colony, Vallam community, Seliyavur  villages.

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Thanks to Kathick and friends from USA and Arpan from Mumbai, relief materials were distributed to Sorakkaipettai, Palliputtu, and New Kecham villages in Thiruvallur. 600 Erula families got benefited. Thank you donors.

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Relief material distribution to the hut dwellers on Arani river bank, Pennalur Pettai and Gauidiya village, Thiruvallur by sevalaya staff. Material donated by Capgemini.

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For some families it is an unfortunate situation that their bread winners are behind bars when flood attacked the rest of the family members. They are already in trouble and flood added much more trouble. Sevalaya identified 60 such families and supplied relief materials to them. They were invited to social defense office and the distribution was done by Syed Rawoof, District child welfare officer and Amarchand Jain, Sevalaya committee member. Materials sponsored by Capgemini.

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Sevalaya with CapGemeni distribution of Flood Relief Kit for 75 families in Karapakkam, OMR, Chengalput. Sevalaya team had identified huntsmen which were affected by the recent floods by doing data collection for two days earlier.
The relief kit contained – Saree, Lungi, Blanket, Rice 25KG, Vessels for kitchen for helping family to start cooking.
It was very heartening to meet the victims as they have lost their belongings in flood. Few families of snake catchers were benefited in this relief, and it is important to note that these families do not have proper houses to live and they were very happy to receive the supplies.

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Triton is a leather company in Chrompet, worst affected in recent flood. They employ mostly poor women to stitch leather bags. The workers lost many of their belongings in the floods. Sevalaya was happy to join hands with the well wishers of Tritan and along with Mrs. Bawa, the owner of the company, distributed provision items for 260 families.

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Sevalaya and shell volunteers distribute relief materials in Periyar nagar, PuliyurKandigai villages near Thiruninravur.

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Cuddalore, is one of the worst affected districts in the recent floods. Sevalaya visited South Salain Thoppu village on the banks of the river Kolladum, near Chithamparam. There was strong winds during the rains and even 200 year old huge trees were uprooted. The roof of huts were blown off and river entered the huts. The poor daily wage earners lost everything. Our relief material included thick tarpalin, which can act as the roof for the huts, stove, rice, sarees, lungis, provisions, etc. for each family. This was possible due to donations from Vallabha Srinivasan, CAMS, friends from Qatar. Thanks a lot.

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Tamilnadu Sarvodaya mandal contributed one truck load of relief materials from Madurai. Sarvodaya sangam brought one truck load of relief materials and distributed it in the Thiruvallur villages identified by sevalaya. Thank you Madurai Sarvodaya Sangam.

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Sevalaya and Samsung at Gunjalam, Guniyum, Maiyur, Nelvoy, Gandhi nagar, Putlur and  Thannerkulam villages in Thiruvallure district. Thank you donors 300 families benefitted.

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Sevalaya at Kannabiran Koil, Madhavaram. Materials donated by UK and USA friends. Thank you.

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Visually challenged people earn a living by signing songs selling small items or just begging in electric trains. A group of such people live near Thiruninravur railway station. They were also affected by the recent floods. Sevalaya identified such people and distributed relief materials. Thank you Coimbatore, UK and USA donors.

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With love from Korea! Mr.Lee MD of Sarada motors donating flood relief materials and Choco pie to hostel children.

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Sevalaya at Putlur village. Even 16th Dec 2015 also there is water logging! Materials donated by Coimbatore, UK and USA friends.

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Sevalaya at Nelvoy village. Materials donated by Coimbatore UK and USA friends.

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Medical camps organized by sevalaya in many villages in Thiruvallur. Doctors came from Coimbatore and volunteered their services. Medicines donated by Coimbatore and Bangalore donors.

Medical camp

Sevalaya distributed flood relief materials in Meiyur, Gurupuram, Kunchalam, nelvoy and old Thiripachur.

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Are they affected by floods? Do they need help? If yes what do they need? Sevalaya conducts such survey before taking relief materials. Here volunteers from scope international working with sevalaya team in Kosavanpatti village near Periyapalayam in Thiruvallur dist.

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Sevalaya at Thiruvottiyur. Village and beneficiaries identified by our donor K.B.Sridhar.

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Sevalaya distributed relief material to huts in Kasuva village. Our volunteer Suresh’s father celebrated his 75th birthday at sevalaya and distributed these materials.

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Houses damaged by rain in Pakkam and Puliyur villages. They need reconstruction.

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Clothes donated by Loganathan BJP president Thiruvallur.

clothes donation - BJP president

Relief materials arrived from Madurai. Thank you Salomon pappaiya and Raja. These will be distributed in kargil nagar huts in Thiruvattiyur.


Sevalaya truck arrives in Ramapuram. Flood affected people waiting to receive supplies.


Kind donation from caring souls. Thank you.

Carring Soul trust

Asian Paints donates Rs 10 lacs to flood relief

Sevalaya at Ramapuram slum on the banks of Adyar river. 125 families benefited. Thank you Asian paints.

Sevalaya at Saidapet slum on the banks of Adyar river. 25kg rice plus other provisions distributed to 105 families. Thank you Asian paints. Sevalaya staff and college students from Avadi along with Asian paints staff volunteered.

Sevalaya in Porur slums. 25 kg rice and other provision items distributed to 125 huts. Sevalaya staff Avadi college students sevalaya alumni worked along with Asian paints staff. Thank you Asian paints.

Asian paints gave us a grant of 10 lakhs. Materials purchased and distributed within 48 hours to 304 families. Thank you Asian paints. But still there is a big need. We need more partnerships.

Thank you Asian paints. These people can cook now in their houses.

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Sevalaya at old Thirupachur Erula colony. Supplies given to 50 families. Thank you Coimbatore.

12366482_1181907681837140_7865824988641845215_nSevalaya Distribution of relief material to Thiruvallur District Child Protection Officer Mr. M.S. Syed Rawoof at Thirupachur on 10/12/2015. This will be distributed to the homeless people now put up in govt. Camps. Material donated by uk and usa friends. Thank you.


Sevalaya at Ezhil nagar and Moolakadai in north madras. Vessels, provisions and biscuits distributed. Thank you Coimbatore and UK donors.

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Sevalaya at Ramanathapuram village. Materials contribution by Coimbatore and Bangalore. Thank you friends.


Sevalaya at Karapakkam, just behind the IT corridor of Chennai. Materials donated by Coimbatore and Bangalore.

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Sevalaya volunteers at Puliyur kandikai village. Thank you donors from Coimbatore and UK.

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Distribution of relief material to poor homeless people vembedu(32families) and gurupuram(12families) and manavalanagar(35 families ) and ramapuram(12 families ) kunjalam(12 families) aayalur(12 families), pungathur 25 families. Thank you coimbatore and bangalore donors.

Sevalaya staff and alumni in relief work in many villages in thiruvallur. Thank you donors in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, UK and USA.

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We pay rs 5000 per day per truck; we are hiring 4 trucks everyday and our transport cost has already gone above one lakh for flood relief. Can a ngo afford this? Fortunately the NRS bricks came forward to give one truck free. Thank you NRS bricks.

12342283_1181252058569369_6604469413944338793_nRelief distribution at Madharpakkam village in Gummidipoondi. We went to Irula huts. These people are daily wage earners and because of heavy rains from nov 1st week they have no job for six weeks now and hence no income. This is a different type of flood impact. Materials donated by bangalore donors were distributed here. College students from Avadi volunteered. Thank you Bangalore.

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Sevalaya volunteers at Perambur Thiruvika nagar. Materials donated by Coimbatore and Bangalore friends.

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Sevalaya at Thirupalaivanam village near Pazhaverkadu in Thiruvallure dist. Materials donated by Bangalore and Infosys friends. Thank you.

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Sevalaya at Aalathur village. Thank you Chennai and Bangalore friends.

AalathurSevalaya at kovalam fishermen colony. These fishermen operated 50 boats during the floods and saved many lives. But due to the weather they are not able to go into the sea and hence no income for six weeks. Govt paid only for six boats rs 500 per boat per day. Other 44 boats were operated free and they refused accept any money from people. Distributed materials donated by Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai and UK donors. Thanks to everyone 100 families benefited.

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Houses in Pakkam new colony and Pulliyur Kandigai are surrounded by water. Sevalaya volunteers distributing food packets to the families.

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“Modular kitchen” outside the hut. What can be cooked here, it is wet everywhere.


Distribution of relief material to hut dwellers on the banks of manimangalam lake. Materials donated by Coimbatore friends. Thank you Coimbatore.

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Distribution of relief material to homeless people who are staying at Meyyur (30 Family’s – 130 Members), Gurupuram (15 Family’s – 60 Members) and Puliyur (50 Family’s) in Thiruvallur dist. Materials donated by Coimbatote friends. Thank you.

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Thank you for giving me bread and biscuits. But where will i keep it now? My ‘house’ is completely wet.


Whatever was inside this house was washed away by floods. But that was this families life savings.

24How to enter this house now?

23Even after 3 days water is refusing to go.


When we distributed milk powders these simple villagers didn’t know how to use it. We had to explain the process.


After 3 days this grandma can change her dress today.


Recovering whatever is possible – from what the lake has thrown back.


Where was this water tank before? After taking everything away from this hut the rain god decided to gift a water tank!


Debris from somewhere has landed at footsteps of this hut, can be used for reconstruction!


How did these huts with stand the floods? Miracle !


Can we live here after the floods?


IIT madras students with sevalaya – part of life education.


The wall is broken. Are we going to rebuild this wall or just post it on our wall?


More people like Suresh Lakshmipathi needed at this hour of crisis. We could not have done this two days ago when there was 4 ft water. Students from IIT madras helping in distribution work. Our donor suresh lakshmipathi offered his time too.

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Distribution of new dress to children.


Something for the dogs. They should also survive.


Sevalaya team at Kavithandalam, Oorukapettai and Aiyathur villages in Chengalpet. Prof Santhosh and students from IIT Madras worked with us. Materials donated by Coimbatore friends. Thank you Coimbatore.

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Sevalaya’s alumni and now teacher Muruganandam volunteering in relief work.


ATMs dont work? I have no problem. I dont have any bank accounts. Petrol not available? I dont care. I have no vehicle.


Sriram from Ambattur donated bread biscuits and water for 1000 people. Thank you sriram.


560 biscuit packets landed in Sevalaya’s Murali house contributed by Ms. Bharathi baskar, noted patti mandram speaker.


Volunteers taking the biscuit packets to corporation school in m.g.r. nagar near kk nagar. The hut dwellers along the banks of adyar river are put up there now. This donation is from bharati basker. Thank you madam.


Kannan, Sevalaya’s maths teacher volunteering in distributing relief materials. Schools are closed almost for a month now teachers could have relaxed at home. But, at sevalaya they are all working 24×7 during holidays. As we are a charitable institution running free school our salary levels are very low. These teachers are giving everything possible by them without expecting anything in return.

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