57 rescued children join Sevalaya

District authorities transfer children of closed down Home

  • 57 children in the age groups of 6 years to 19 years were transferred to Sevalaya on 13th December 2014. When a residence had to be found for these children who were rendered homeless, the District authorities called up Sevalaya and made the request.
  • The children, already under severe shock, were stressed by the prospects of being  shifted  from what has been their home for many years. Many of them were in tears. They had their   apprehensions and the natural fear of the unknown. But later, when the bus of Sevalaya arrived, to pick them, that gave them some confidence. After interacting with the representative of Sevalaya, the children boarded the bus and soon turned into a happy  bunch enjoying the ride. They had a lot of questions about their new home, naturally.
  • Later when they entered Sevalaya and were served snacks, their hunger and their anxieties  vanished. R. David, a senior boy says: “We were very confused when the Government people  said that we will be shifted to another home. We were all in tears at that moment.  But now, after staying in Sevalaya, we really feel secure here. The old students are also  showing affection towards us and the next day itself we got all our basic requirements. I am  also happy that I will be studying in such a big school. The hostel looks huge and I like this  place very much”.
  • The District Education Officer (DEO) of Thiruvallur district, who visited Sevalaya on 15th  December 2014, expressed happiness about Sevalaya’s support in providing shelter and education to these children. The Chief Education Officer (CEO) also conveyed his  appreciation to Sevalaya management. In 2013, 17 children arrived in Sevalaya under  similar circumstances. The total strength in the Boys and Girls Homes has suddenly gone up  from 150 to 207. While additional resources have to be found for the new residents, this  development is also a great opportunity to shape these young lives.

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