53 students from Sevalaya school, Kasuva centre participated in the ”Ignite Fest – 2024 ” competitions on 18th February 2024.

53 students studying from Std V to XII at Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School, Kasuva centre participated in the, ”Ignite Fest – 2024 ” competitions on 18th February 2024.
The competitions were organized by Bhumi as part of the Inter Children’s Home Education Fest. Various competitions, including dance, singing, oratorical, and quiz, were conducted.
Rajini, of Std XII, secured the II prize in oratory, V Remila of Std IX achieved the II prize in Solo Dance, and the Sevalaya Boys clinched the fourth prize in group dance.
The students also participated in the workshop conducted by Bhumi on topics,” Plant your food, Into the world of movement, Fireless cooking session, ChatGPT stall and Peeking beyond our earth – Planetarium.