200 people from Nomads Community Benefited

The Gandhi team of Sevalaya, has focused on village development. More than 48 villages are taken care of and the organization works for the upliftment of the villagers.

Based on the order of the collector Mr.K.Veeraraghava Rao, a survey was conducted in Pakkam village near Thiruninravur to eradicate child beggary in Thiruvallur district.

Medical camp (4)

Sevalaya was one of the organizations which was selected by the collector to do the survey.
After the survey it was observed that medical facilities is one of the prime requirements of the the gypsy people of this area and hence upon the collector’s order, a medical camp was conducted in Pakkam village on 22nd February 2015.

The doctor’s from Puliyur Primary Health Centre conducted various check-ups like Dental, General check up and and took various investigations like ECG, SCAN, Blood tests to assess the medical problems of these people.

Speaking on this occasion the collector asked the people to send their children to schools in this area to ensure that the younger generation get the benefits of education. This general camp is the beginning and in future he will make arrangements to ensure that they get all benefits for their general well being and upliftment.

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