Sevalaya Organises Seva Rath Yatra

As a part of the Daan Utsav celebrations, Sevalaya is organizing Seva Rath Yatra to the villages nearby Kasuva. The rath, which carries the portraits of Sevalaya’s Trinity, Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda , will visit one village each day during the week of 2 Oct to 8 Oct 15. The villagers will be encouraged to engage in service activities and experience the joy of giving. The schedule of the Seva rath is given below:

Date Villages Activities planned
2.10.15 Puliyur Village cleaning and tree planting
3.10.15 Ayyathur Village and temple cleaning and tree planting
4.10.15 Arunthathipalayam Temple cleaning and rally about social work and clean environment
5.10.15 Ayalur Temple cleaning  and wall painting
6.10.15 Coyambakkam Villagers Organizing eye camp with lions club
7.10.15 Sivanvoyal Rally about environmental protection and cleaning
8.10.15 Melakkondaiyar Rally about organic farming and temple gardening


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