Success Stories - Sevalaya

G Ilayaraja
One of our success stories is about Ilayaraaja whose father passed away when he was very young. His mother was selling peanuts in Thirunindravur railway station. Unable to educate him, his mother left Ilayaraja at Sevalaya when he was a small boy. Ilayaraja completed his schooling successfully and completed his higher studies in Computer Science with the help of Sevalaya. Today Ilayaraja is a globe-trotting software engineer in a leading IT firm abroad. Sevalaya saw his eagerness to contribute back to the community where he belonged, and made him one of the trustees. Whenever he is in India, he spends all his weekend with the children, thus providing a living role model for the Sevalaya children.
Mahalakshmi lost her parents at a very young age. She was admitted to Sevalaya by her distant relatives. Mahalakshmi completed her higher secondary in Sevalaya and Sevalaya supported her to pursue Diploma in Nursing in Gandhi Gram University. Sevalaya conducted the wedding of Mahalakshmi and Mr. Raja, son of Pichaimuthu and Veluthai of Karur District in a traditional manner on 20/02/2011. A large number of donors and well wishers besides the residents of Sevalaya Homes were personally present and blessed the couple on the occassionof their wedding.
 Radha, a girl from a poor family, studied in Sevalaya School from 6th to 12th. She also successfully completed the beautician course at Sevalaya’s Community College. Now she has become an entrepreneur on her own, by opening a beauty parlour in her village Kavanur. Her husband is engaged in agriculture, cultivates and sells jasmine flowers in the market on every day basis. The parlour was inaugurated by V Muralidharan on 10th February 2016. Radha and her husband were particularly grateful to Sevalaya for its supporting her throughout. Therefore they requested Mr V Muralidharan inaugurate their venture and bless.
V Tamilarasi
V Tamilarasi, after finishing her school final at Govt High school, she approached Sevalaya for guidance and pursue her career, to earn for her livelihood. Rightly and also under guidance from Sevalaya she joined Computer course (MS Office, and desktop skills) at Sevalaya’s community college. She is the first generation school-goer in her family.
After completing the short time course by November 2015, She appeared for an interview conducted by Cafe Coffee day at Sevalaya campus. Instantly she was selected, and asked to report to Mylapore office, in the city, for training. On successful completion of the training, she was posted to Thirumazhisai (Bangalore Chennai highway). Entire family was very happy. Sevalaya feels immensely proud on her success, particularly a candidate from a rural background has come up and settled honourably.
P Manickam (Name changed)
Juvenile child rehabilitated P Manickam (name changed) was brought to Swami Vivekananda Boys Home in May 2015, referred by District Child Protection Officer, M S Syed Rawoof. He was admitted in Sevalaya’s Mahakavi Bharathiyar Community College, and given training in A/C and refrigeration course.
He was a Std IX drop-out and in conflict with law. He came from a broken home and his mother was the sole bread winner. When he came to Sevalaya he was an addict of paan and other tobacco products. It was difficult to handle his tantrums in the hostel, as he was finding it difficult to get rid of his habits. He used to get into altercations with his room-mates, and his persona was very different from other boys. The matrons in the hostel monitored his well-being throughout the day. Care was taken to ensure that his habits did not spread to other boys staying in the hostel. Regular counselling was given to him by an expert counsellor at the hostel, which made a great impact in his life. Constant monitoring and mentoring worked wonders for the boy and he was sent for a one month intern-ship in Control Engineering, Guindy. After completing his intern-ship he has now been placed in a public sector undertaking, as a trainee service engineer.
Sevalaya has made a direct impact in Manickam’s life in turning it around for the better. We wish Manickam all success in life.
R Devi
Not often do we come across people who come from impoverished families, yet find hope in life, gather strength, collect the broken pieces of themselves and prove worthy of living. In Sevalaya, we find many such children who have grown successfully and inspired others to a great extent. One such person is R. Devi, a daughter of migrant construction labourers. Joining police forces has been her dream ever since childhood. Devi joined Sevalaya School in Std. III. She was a quiet, determined and a hard-working girl with a flair for mathematics. She passed class X with 80% scoring 100 in Mathematics. She chose bio maths and passed Std XII securing 77%. She got a free seat in Murugappa polytechnic college through Sevalaya and did her diploma in Computers science. This helped her get employed in a leading BPO. Having a great passion for sports and physical activities, Ms Devi had taken part in sports activities and won several prizes. Her dream and perseverance to become a police officer became stronger with each passing day. She filled the required forms from the Central Reserve Police Force and vigorously practiced for the physical fitness tests. She appeared for the tests in the year 2011 but wasn’t able to get a merit seat. But she never gave up. She persistently tried again and finally got through in the year 2013. Selvi who once was a shy girl with not enough communication skills can now speak three languages, Tamil, English and Hindi.
S Ashok Shankar
Ashok Shankar was born in a poor agriculture coolie family in a village near Sevalaya. His parents didn’t have the means to send him to school and educate him. But for the timely intervention of Sevalaya, Ashok would have ended up in child labour. He appeared for Std X and Std XII Board exams from Sevalaya School and scored high marks. He stood second in the school in 12th grade scoring 1098 out of 1200. He was moved by his Maths teacher, who in spite of being sick, came to school and took classes so that his students didn’t suffer. Such dedication from his teacher motivated him to aim high and he scored 199 out of 200 in Maths. His good score enabled him to get an engineering seat in Anna University in merit list. He studied electronics and communication engineering.
Ashok was deeply attracted towards Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and started reading more about him from Sevalaya’s library. He understood the power of meditation and he says that helped him in developing a good memory.
He did well in Anna University and completed the course with good scores. He got his first job in Lionbridge technologies. He started making small contributions to Sevalaya and taking active part in Alumni association. After a year, he got an offer from Cognizant technology Solutions (CTS) and joined there recently. When he got his first salary, he donated the entire amount to Sevalaya. Part of his donation will also support a child’s education. A classic instance of what goes around comes around.
G Kavitha
G Kavitha, a Std XII student was declared district champion, with three golds – in 200 Metre sprint, Long jump and Triple jump. Although she was interested in sports, she never realized her potential, till the Sevalaya sports department and Physical Instructor spotted her talents, and motivated her by following a strict exercise regimen and showing her videos of famous Indian and International sports stars and their achievements. It eventually paid off and the results are a succession of medals in 2016, in every event she has competed. She was declared as the champion in her age category at the Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu (SDAT) tournament in Thiruvallur. She has set her eyes on a sub 24 second 200 metre race this year. Apart of the training regimen of a minimum of two hours per day, Sevalaya provides her with nutritious food, and sports gear with spikes and jerseys. She is gearing up to compete in the state and national level meets in 2016-2017.
G Kavitha comes from an underprivileged background and is fortunate to have the complete backing of her parents and support from the training staff at Sevalaya.