Women’s Empowerment through Education
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Jul 13, 2014

Women Empowerment through Education is the adult literacy project for women proposed by Anu Oza, one of the well-wisher of Sevalaya. It is being implemented in the villages near Sevalaya bywww the Gandhi Team of Sevalaya.

Kaka-kandigai and Bandi-kavanoor villages were identified and two animators were nominated in each villages. To make the session more interesting the students of Sevalaya, who come from these villages were also involved in this project.

On 3rd June 2014, S. Nambi Varadarajan of Sevalaya interacted with the people of Kakakandigai and 40 women participated in the session. He explained the project.
On 12th July 2014, the project was inaugurated in these two villages.